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Rhododendrons are among the most popular garden plants and are very diverse in growth and flowers. Evergreen as well as deciduous plants belong to the genus Rhododendron. A lot of very nice hybrids have been bred since the 19th century. In the following you will get a review over the different Rhododendrons we offer. Click the menue to the right to view pictures.

Large Flowering Rhododendron hybrids are classified in three groups:

Price Group I:
Price group I consists of very robust and winter hardy Rhododendron varieties propagated by cuttings. These varieties are quick and tall growing and get up to three metres high. They can be used for hedges as well as solitary plant.

Price Group II
Price group II contains robust varieties for Rhododendron enthusiasts. The varieties are grafted nevertheless quite quick and tall growing, richly blooming and hardy. 

Price Group III
Rhododendrons belonging to this group are grafted varieties which are often very decorative. They are mostly slow growing and not quite as hardy as Rhododendron varieties from the first group.

Rhododendron yakushimanum hybrids
These new Hybrids are very hardy, slow and compact growing. They often have decorative leaves and are extraordinary rich in flowers. Open flowers often have a different colour than the bud. Rhododendron yakushimanum hybrids are suited for sunny spots and small gardens.

Rhododendron williamsianum hybrids
Characteristically for Rhododendron williamsianum hybrids are oval leaves and bell-shaped flowers. New shoots as well as flower buds in winter are often of a decorative brown colour. Rhododendron williamsianmum hybrids are slow and round growing.

Rhododendron repens hybrids
Rhododendron repens hybrids are dwarf Rhododendrons with early, bright red, bell shaped flowers.

Deciduous Azaleas
Deciduous Azaleas enrich the colour palette of Rhododendrons by many nice colours p. e. bright orange and yellow. In addition to that they have exhilarating fall foliage. The upright growing shrubs are totally hardy and grow nearly everywhere.

Japanese Azaleas
The collective term “Japanese Azaleas” unites small-growing evergreen and wintergreen azaleas. These plants are usually willing to bloom and can be planted in groups or solitary. They are suited for rockeries and heather gardens.

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